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Title: FSNavNet AI Ship Library
Post by: AJ on December 22, 2012, 06:42:21 AM

FSNavNet is proud to announce the first installment to it's AI ship library. These are of the Soviet Cold War era and are reworks of dmi-shef's ASW warships. There are a total of 39 ships total and the list of "new" features include:

1. Poly count reduction to improve performance when large numbers of ships are displayed in close proximity.

2. Custom lighting effects. Ship "nav" lights are now visible from a distance of greater than 6nm, the "real world" maritime standard minimum for ship navigation lights.

3. Custom wake / smoke effects.

All of these "new" effects files were created specifically for these ships!

These ship files can be downloaded here: https://www.fsnavnet.com/ai.html