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New Life to FS-Shipyards!!

Obviously triggered by all the shinaningans around the 'original' FS-Shipyards and the 'other' one, because of the sad passing away of Ian and because of some other facts of (FS) life, BOTH of these 'shipping sites' have gone pretty dormant.

Well, that's going to change!

FSAddon Publishing is working on a MAJOR shipping (naval!) project and although we've been quiet about it for a long time, we're still hard at work AND making progress. Getting enough skilled people together was the main problem (and to some extent still is), but we're getting there and getting bits and pieces developed and working!

We all have 'real lives' to contend with too, and often that's a limitation on such projects. They are too small for real professional development by one of the major 'houses'. Alas. But we'll get there.

We'll be making more announcements soon AND we'll be looking for people to help us and support us soon too.

Stay tuned for FS ShipNet !!!


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